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03 December 2008 @ 09:43 pm
But in the last days it shall come to pass...  
A year ago today, Sam Lohime died. A year ago today, God (the boy who thinks he's God?) died. A gunshot wound to the head. A year ago today, Sam Lohime died and the world literally began to shake apart.

Break apart.

Oceans of blood.

Shattering Earth.

People died and the rapture came. The rapture came and people died. There came an angel. There came a demon. There came the son of Satan. There came a boy with the wounds of the son of God. A crucifixion.

His own wounds. His own scars. His own life to live.

And I saw an angel, and he said to me "The end is near, his end is near. The end of the days of the beast are near."

Eight days later, he rose from the dead. Because of science. Because of love. Because of magic. Because of a girl. Because of a boy. Because of a man, a hero and a goddess.

The death of the son of Satan. Fighting the end of the world, fixing the end of the world. An end that has come too soon. An end filled with blood and hate and fear and nothing and everything of what is written and what shall pass.

A demon.


A star falling from the sky.

my love is boundless like the sea come pray with me and be my love




The end of a world, a parallel world. The survival of people from that world. Saved by God (the boy who thinks he's God?), saved by a hero, saved by a man named John.

A book.

A book that isn't a book. A bible that isn't a bible. A tree that isn't a tree. A way to save the world? A way to save humanity? Maybe.

A curtain closed.

What happened next? Is the world saved? Would you know if it was? Would it matter? What would you do if you knew the world was going to end?

What would you do if the world was going to survive?

A year ago today, Sam Lohime died. A year ago today, the end of the world came.

And today?

and to the children's children nothing is left of them or what they did; his name alone answers the summons of the world.